Commercial Cover


Cover for Buildings including landlords fixtures and fittings; Loss of rent; Plant, machinery and all other contents; Stock and material in trade and specialized equipment against losses/damage as a result of Fire, Lightning, Explosions, Special perils (storm, wind, water), Earthquakes and Malicious damage.


Compensates the Insured should the business suffer a reduction in turnover/income due to Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Special Perils, Earthquake. Section may be extended to include Public Utilities, Prevention of Access, Customers Premises, Suppliers Premises.


Normal office equipment can be insured against loss/damage due to Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Special perils, Earthquake, Malicious Damage and Theft by forcible or/and violent entry/exit


Computers, Printers, Modems, Monitors, Keyboards, Servers, Fax Machines, Laptop/Notebook, Data Carrying Media, Software Packages, UPS, Photocopiers, Cabling, Scanners including peripherals and accessories and other specialist electronic equipment are covered against fire and allied perils, as well as theft.


Inability to trace or establish outstanding debit balances as a result of loss or damage due to Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Special Perils, Earthquake. The sum insured must represents approximately 2 weeks outstanding debtors prior to being computerized.


Loss of or damage to all the contents the property of the insured or for which he is responsible as a result of theft accompanied by forcible visible and violent entry or exit from the building being the insured premises.


With the high level of crime, this is an essential aspect for businesses that receive cash or other forms of money. Specific safe limitations relating to the category of safe applies. Loss/Damage to money is restricted in certain circumstances � refer to the policy for limits of indemnity. Requirement of safe category to be adhered to.


Loss or damages to internal and external glass, mirrors, sign writing and treatment thereof.


Loss of money and/or other property belonging to the Insured or for which he is responsible stolen by any insured employee during the currency of the insurance. Direct financial loss as a result of fraud/dishonesty of an insured employee occurring during the currency of the insurance which results in dishonest personal financial gain for the employee concerned.


Loss of or damage to the whole or part of the property, owned by the insured of for which he is responsible, in the course of transit


Provides cover for specialized items, particularly when not used on the business premises.


Accidental physical loss of or damage to the insured property at or about the premises not otherwise insured or for which insurance is available and described in terms of any section (excluding Business All Risks) of the Policy


General, Tenants & Work Away Liability : Damages which you shall become legally liable to pay consequent upon death of or bodily injury to or illness to any person, or loss of or physical damage to tangible property occurring within the territorial limits in the course of or in connection with your business. Property of the Insured or property in custody or control of the Insured is excluded. Death or injury to the Insured’s employees arising from and in the course of such employment is excluded. Negligence by the Insured must be proven. Cover may be extended to include Products-, Defective Workmanship Liability, Legal Costs and Wrongful Arrest.


Bodily injury caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means to any principal, partner, director or employee of the insured. Cover includes Death, Permanent and/or Temporary Total Disability and Medical Expenses.


Covers loss/damage to vehicles owned by the business. Cover available � Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, Third Party Only. Extensions such as car hire and credit shortfall can be included on request.


Cover for damage due to political riots and strikes in South Africa.


Subject otherwise to all terms, conditions and exceptions noted on the underlying Policy.

Please note : Kindly advise us immediately if anything happens that alter the risk i.e change of address, purchase of expensive items, building alterations, etc

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