Aviation Cover

Most aviation insurance policies are geared towards general aviation, including corporate aircraft, charter operations and private owners.

Aviation insurance offers the best way to protect your assets and isolate any risk associated with aircraft operations. We are able to provide policies underwritten by reputable companies for a variety of aircraft types and company levels.

The insurers pay strict attention to detail on insurance plans, contracts, and industry trends. This way you're assured of a policy that's underwritten by a top-level company.

Provides comprehensive cover on all helicopters and airplanes.

Insured aircraft operators are protected, with this cover, against legal liability to third parties and passengers, should they suffer damage or injury as a result of the operation of the insured aircraft.

A special endorsement can further extend cover to an aircraft hull for both war and hijacking risks.

Following a life threatening accident, an expert assistance team, will immediately respond to the crash site to help with injured crew and passengers and evacuate those persons to hospital.

Here are a few tips for getting the best aircraft insurance:

Well trained pilots with regular recurring training tend to get better rates.

Keep track of your flight experience in a logbook. A pilot who flies frequently is regarded as a lower risk than a casual flyer.

Know the real value of your aircraft. Check recent sales ads on the internet for an idea of the current value of your airplane and insure it for that amount. Over insuring your airplane will waste money and under insuring it leaves you at risk.

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